The Ticket Booth is Now Closed!

The ticket booth for this year’s Stone Mountain HamFest and ARRL Georgia State Convention is now CLOSED! — tickets will be on sale at the front gates of the HamFest on Saturday November 5th, beginning around 7:00AM.  The gates will open at 8:00AM.

Please be aware that during the last few days before the HamFest begins, answers to voice mails left on the phone number on the right may be delayed because of high volume.  And calls on Friday Nov. 3rd might not get handled before the show begins!


Click HERE for the list of the main prizes for this year’s HamFest.

The FleaMarket is full and no more tables are available.  Check these pages for information on commercial tailgating and boneyard spaces. Still have questions?  Contact us here.

ARRL Georgia State Convention