*Saturday Forums

Time Location Topic Presenter
9:00 AM Forum Room ARRL Georgia State Convention Welcome & Message from Southeastern Division Director and Georgia Section Manager. Georgia ARES Mission, ARRL Activities In The Southeastern Division Greg Sarratt W4OZK & David Benoist AG4ZR
10:00AM Forum Room  What to Bring to a Disaster,  Go-Kits, antenna options & power.  James Lea, WX4TV
11:00 AM Forum Room DXpedition and IOTA Michael Corey, KI1U
12:00 PM VE Room    
12:00 PM Forum Room Hospital Emergency Operations and Tricks to working Digital Communications used with ARES and Emergency Communications.  Bret Smith, W4HBS
1:00 PM Forum Room Hurricane Irma After Action Report Georgia ARES Frank Dean, K4SJR
1:00 PM VE Testing Area Digital Emergency Packet, FLDigi, Winlink 2000/RMS Digital Emergency Packet, FLDigi, Winlink 2000/RMS Express, NBEMS,     John Davis, WB4QDX
2:00 PM Forum Room

Hurricane Maria, the Amateur Radio Response in Puerto Rico

Michael Cory, KI1U
3:00 PM Forum Room  Solar Panels, Batteries and emergency power  Grace Lea, KM4TXT

*Sunday Forums

9:00 AM Forum Room    
10:00 AM Forum Room Lithium-Ferrous-Phosphate batteries  Dan Gravereaux, N1ZZ
11:00 AM  Forum Room  The Poynting Vector Antenna. For Hams, & how it can be readily built.  (Author) Ted Hart, W5QJR  
 12:00 PM    Personal Go-Kit For Emergency Communications Contest
You can read more about the Go-box contest here.
 Michael Corey, KI1U & Greg Sarratt W4OZK
12:00 PM   Go Kit Contest Finals Announced.   Staff

On-going Outside Activities on both Saturday and Sunday
In the area directly in front of the Main Exhibit Hall

  1. GEMA Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency 
  2. AMSAT – Dr. John Kludt/K4SQC
  3. The Stone Mountain HamFest AMSAT Challenge
  4. Gwinnett ARES Trailer Mobile Communications Center(and Talk-in for HamFest)

 *Some of these Forums will be changed and updated in the coming days. Thank you for your patience. 

2017 ARRL Georgia State Convention