SES LOG Submissions

Please submit logs in ADIF format ONLY.

They should be named as follows.

If you have multiple logs (and you should, unless you only worked one SES for one hour), please compress them into one zip file.

Where “SM” stands for “Stone Mountain”, “SES” stands for “Special Event Station”, “K4A” is representative of the SES Callsign worked for each particular SES call log, “110720-1” is the date of the log with an index # as needed to separate instances by band.

In other words, if you worked K4A on 20m, and later worked K4A on 40m, you would have a “-1”, and “-2” respectively.

Submit logs to


We bring you the Inaugural

Stone Mountain Hamfest

Commemorative SES!

Special Event Stations


W4BOC/P (Bonus Station)

Starting EST Friday, November 6th

7pm, or 19:00 EST – 00:00 UTC

Ending EST Sunday, November 8th

7pm, or 19:00 EST – 00:00 UTC

48 hours round the clock!

Schedule your time to operate a 1×1 SES callsign now!

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