Arduino Projects for Your Ham Shack

Presenter:  Jeff Kashinsky W2UA

Jeff has been a Ham since 1961 (62 years) and Extra since 1989. He holds both a BS and MSEE.  He has worked in computer hardware and software design from mainframes, and minis, to micros.  Built his first PC in 1976 (Imsai 8080).  Retired to GA in 2019.

Forum Description:

Arduino Projects for Your Ham Shack

  • Brief history of computers in the ham shack.
  • The evolution of the microprocessor/computer.
  • The evolution of the Arduino and similar microcontrollers.
  • Discussion of microcomputer projects for the Ham Shack.
  • The Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
    • How to download and install.
    • How to configure for your target processor.
    • How to use example programs.
    • How to develop your own project even if you don’t know how to program.
  • Questions and discussion.

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