Boneyard Tailgating

The Biggest & Best
BoneYard and Tailgate area in Georgia.

Over 300 spaces available.


We are happy to announce that there is an ATM machine at the HamFest just inside the doors on the far left of the Exhibit Hall. 

Don’t miss this one! Rain or Shine

Meet all your Friends at the HamFest!


If you can’t find what you want in the Exhibit Hall or FleaMarket, then check out the Boneyard/Tailgate area for unbelievable bargains on perfectly good equipment and perfectly good junk! 

General HamFest Registration

You will also need to purchase an admission ticket for each individual that will attend with you, and an overnight camping pass for each night you plan on staying on the Fairgrounds property.

If you have a couple of things to unload yourself, park and display them in one of the more than 300 spaces in the boneyard (and there is not a bad spot on the lot).

A HamFest admission ticket is not included with the cost of a boneyard space and must be purchased separately. 

All boneyard spaces are on a first come first served basis starting at 12 PM (Noon) on Friday, November 1, 2024. IMPORTANT, if you bring your treasures in on Friday night and stay overnight, you will be charged the camping fee.

If you really want a reserved space in the boneyard and you need electricity, go to our Commercial Tailgating page and send a message to the hamfest registration coordinator to reserve your space.

Boneyard set-up

Setup in the boneyard is from 12 PM(Noon) until 6 PM on Friday, Nov 1, 2024 (Camping fee required if staying overnight) and again at 6 AM on Saturday, Nov 2, 2024. No one is allowed to set up in the boneyard before 12 PM on Friday. Nov 1, 2024, without the prior approval of the HamFest Chairman.